71 Spring Street - Williamstown MA 01267
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Robin Remick


Born and raised in Duluth Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior set the stage for a lifetime appreciation of nature’s beauty. My earliest memories are time spent outdoors, making mud pies sandwiched between large green leaves, or picking wild flower bouquets for my mother. As a young adult I enjoyed canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and now my husband and I spend our free time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking or kayaking on the quiet waters of the area.

In 2005 I received my masters of fine arts degree in painting from Eastern Michigan University.  While in graduate school I developed a preference for the freedom of expressing my art through abstraction.   My work is pulled from reality, like a montage of impressions. I shoot a multitude of photographs when I am in nature, but seldom look at them again.  Somehow the act of focusing in on a subject is enough to file in my memory to be reinterpreted later in my studio. The pull of gravity is present in all of my paintings.  It gives a movement to my work, and an indicator of passage of time. Through many overlapping layers my paintings take shape, become energized while keeping the repose of a restful visual arrangement.

I am currently living in Boston and painting in my studio in Framingham MA.  My work is shown in the Boston area, as well as Naples Florida and now happily at Greylock Gallery in Willamstown, MA. Currently I have a solo show up through July 10th, 2016 at Linden Street gallery, located at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston MA.

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